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Fleur Marie Vaz - Ruth : Walking Into Your Destiny With Christ
Fleur Marie Vaz - Ruth : Walking Into Your Destiny With Christ
SKU: 9789671560501
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Ruth - Walking into your Destiny with Christ is a powerful book revealing precious truths in a most captivating way. This book is for the Christian who is passionately pursuing God and yearning to understand His healing touch and redemptive power. I pray that, as you go through this book, this restorative Anointing will manifest in your life! Rev. Andrew Chelliah, Senior Pastor Global Revival City Church Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA A moving story of Ruth: from tragedy to restoration, from despair to triumph, narrated with great sensitivity. This love relationship of Ruth and her kinsman redeemer Boaz vividly points to our Kinsman Savior Jesus and His coming for His Bride. Rev. Dr. C L Teoh, Senior Pastor Faith Christian Fellowship Bahau, MALAYSIA
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RM 20.00

The bible story of Ruth is one of the most beautiful accounts of human love, faithfulness and devotion. But primarily it is about God’s overarching love, bringing restoration, healing and renewed vision to damaged souls. Ruth - Walking into your Destiny with Christ is aimed at the person who is lost or distressed because of a sense of emptiness in your life. You may not know Christ but you are searching for meaning in life. Or you may be a believer who has somehow lost your direction. Walk with me in the path of Ruth, and you will find your way back to the heart of the Father, to a place of intimacy and fulfillment in Christ. Many of the revelations and insights in the book are personal and may strike a chord in your own heart.

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