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Hillsong United - The I Heart Revolution 2: We
Hillsong United - The I Heart Revolution 2: We're All In This Together (CD+DVD)
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Filmed over a period of 2 years, The I Heart Revolution: We're All In This Together follows the worship band, Hillsong United, as they travel across 6 continents, 42 nations, and 93 cities in a cross-cultural journey of music, animation, interviews and live action documentary as they realise every story of hope, love, loss and sacrifice ultimately points to the one story. We're All In This Together is a feature-length social justice documentary presented by Hillsong United. It demonstrates the potential impact of this unified heart if put into practice by showing the love of God toward others... to not just preach the good news, but together, to be the good news. The film is part two of a three part series. While Hillsong United's first film, With Hearts As One was focused on the worship we have within church and the words that we proclaim within our music, this second part is about putting those words into action and becoming the hands and feet of Jesus in a world that desperately needs him. It tells the stories of many across the world and opens up doors for us, not only to understand but to be inspired and to help make a difference.
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RM 29.90

Song Title 1 The Time Has Come 2 One Way 3 What The World Will Never Take 4 The Stand 5 Where The Love Lasts Forever 6 All I Need Is You 7 Tell The World 8 From The Inside Out 9 Nothing But The Blood 10 Hosanna 11 Salvation Is Here 12 Solution 13 The Time Has Come 14 Take It All 15 The Stand 16 From The Inside Out 17 Solution

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