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Hillsong - III
Hillsong - III
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III is Hillsong Young & Free’s third installment as well as their first studio album, following up Youth Revival and We Are Young & Free, both being live albums. III paves the way to an up close and personal experience with God’s freedom, love and hope. Singles leading up to the record like "Love Won’t Let Me Down" touch on these themes with their familiar head-bobbing beats and high-energy hooks. Songs with the likes of P E A C E however reveal their determination to shed light on struggles present in the young generation, while shifting the focus to Jesus – the one who is able to bridge and fill these gaps.
Sell Price | RM 32.90
RM 32.90

Track Listings: 1. Let Go 2. Every Little Thine 3. Just Jesus 4. First Love 5. Heart of God 6. SELAH I 7. Jesus Loves Me 8. SELAH II 9. Days Gone By 10. How Deep Is The Love 11. Push/ PUL I 12. Love Won't Let Me Down 13. More Of You 14. Hindsight 15. P E A C E 16. SELAH III (Fruits Of The Spirit) 17. Highs & Lows

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