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Joseph Prince - God
Joseph Prince - God's Glorious Plan For Your Family (5 DVD Album)
SKU: 201805DJ
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RM 174.90

It’s God’s desire for you to have a blessed family life! In this invaluable resource, Joseph Prince lays out God’s glorious plan and provisions for your family. Discover in five powerful messages how: • God can restore to you a child who has gone astray. • You and your loved ones can experience favor and protection in dark times. • God can reignite the spark in your marriage. • Fathers can govern their families with wisdom and love. • Blessings on your household come when you value Jesus and His finished work. Whatever your family situation today, hear faith-building truths and begin to experience God’s glorious plan for your family! Find out more about the series here. 5-DVD Box Set (5 sermons—approx. total duration: 7hr 27min) Disc 1: God’s Restoration For Your Family (Approx. 1hr 30min) Disc 2: God’s Restoration For Your Family—Part 2 (Approx. 1hr 35min) Disc 3: Blessings Follow Where Jesus Goes—Obed-Edom’s Blessing Explained (Approx. 1hr 23min) Disc 4: Redemption Truths That Bless Your Relationships (Approx. 1hr 36min) Disc 5: Parenting Keys For Today (Approx. 1hr 32min)

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