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Joseph Prince - Why Does God Allow Delays? (2-DVD Album—NTSC)
Joseph Prince - Why Does God Allow Delays? (2-DVD Album—NTSC)
SKU: 20160004DJ
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RM 65.00

Why does God allow delays to our blessings? Get the answers in two revelatory and encouraging sermons preached by Joseph Prince, and be encouraged to know that delays don’t spell the end of your dreams. See from Bible stories how waiting time is not wasted time, as the Lord preserves you and imparts to you what you would otherwise not have. Get powerful insights into what it means to wait on the Lord and not try to help Him with your own human efforts. Be inspired with renewed hope and a fresh consciousness of His love for you as you continue to rely on His faithfulness to deliver all that He has promised! This DVD Album contains 2 sermons with 2 DVDs (Approx. total duration: 2hr 18min) 1. Why Does God Allow Delays? (Approx. 1hr 11min) 2. Wait! Don’t Try To Help God (Approx. 1hr 7min)

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