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Joshua Thye - From Deficit To Surplus
Joshua Thye - From Deficit To Surplus
SKU: 9789671726112
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Whenever we find ourselves landed in difficult circumstances in life it is good to remind ourselves that life started out on a deficit for everyone anyway. Unless we are Adam or Eve, we would never know how it is like to not start off life on a deficit. But we don’t have to stop there. Because Jesus has come that we may have abundant life, the Much More Life. Not only has He restored what Adam had lost, He has given us His Life. An all-conquering Life. FROM DEFICIT TO SURPLUS. This is what the Much More Life will do for us every time we face a deficit or confront a lack. Are you facing any form of lack today? Take heart, for your debt, sickness, depression, marital problem or any other problem will be turned around when confronted by the all-conquering Life of God. FROM DEFICIT TO SURPLUS contains 31 daily devotionals aimed at helping the reader understand and meditate on the Much More Life, and most importantly to live it out. Then he will see every problem bow to the all-conquering Life of God. Author: Joshua Thye is an engineer by training and works as a senior manager in a major property development firm. In earlier years he served in church in prayer ministry, as a cell-group leader and also as an elder. In recent years the Lord has called him to teach. He leads a band of brothers and sisters called the Much More Group. Enamoured by the Much More Life after catching the revelation in Romans 5:10, it has been his favourite topic ever since. He lives in Ipoh, Malaysia with his wife and daughter.
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