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NLT Girls Life Application Study Bible - Hardcover
NLT Girls Life Application Study Bible - Hardcover
SKU: 9781414397818
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Editorial Reviews From the Back Cover The Bible reveals God’s love for you―just as you are. In fact, you might say it was written just for you, because God is personal like that. God has big plans for you! Discover what that looks like in the Girls Life Application Study Bible. It will help you discover who you are as a follower of Christ, what you believe, and how you can apply what the Bible says to your life. In addition to the easy-to-understand New Living Translation text, you will find over 800 Life Application notes, plus spotlights on important Bible women and how they relate to you, stories of how older teens handled life situations that you may face, and highlighted memory verses. For a full list of features see the User’s Guide starting on page A6. 8 Foundations for your faith sections: All About the Bible: Learn more about what the Bible is, where it came from, and how it has been passed along to us today. The Bible’s Big Story: Old Testament: Get the big picture of the Old Testament in just 15 sentences! The Bible’s Big Story: New Testament: Check out this section to see how God’s story continues into the New Testament. Jesus the Son of God: Gain a deeper understanding about Jesus, what he came to do, and what that means to you personally. First Steps to Following Jesus: Discover what it means to follow Jesus through this ten-day Bible study. How Can I Share What I Believe? Learn helpful tips on how to share your story as a follower of Christ. Faith Skills: Pick up valuable skills on how to live your life focused on God. Life Skills: Find new ways that can help you build healthy relationships with others.
Sell Price | RM 99.90
RM 99.90

This new edition includes over 800 Life Application notes plus revamped features and brand-new Foundations for Your Faith sections all intended to help girls grow in their Christian faith. The eight full-color and fun sections are designed to help girls learn more about the Bible, understand the Bible’s big story, meet Jesus, know what it means to follow him, learn how to share their faith with others, and gain practical faith and relationship skills that will help them live out what they believe. A one-of-a-kind discipleship resource, the Girls Life Application Study Bible helps girls draw closer to God and establish healthy relationships with those around them. The New Living Translation breathes life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages, changing people’s lives as the words speak directly to their hearts.

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